I have watched with interest and sadness as the show of anger, emotions and beliefs have unveiled over the last few days, but as I watch them I can’t help but be angry myself… not because of who was or was not elected; not because I agree or disagree with the beliefs of our newly elected President.  I am angered at seeing the disrespect shown to our beautiful flag.

show respect for American Flag

show respect for American Flag

As a veteran myself, and as a baby boomer, I have lived my life
honoring that flag and knowing that what this flag symbolizes, is what has given me the constitutional right to enjoy free speech.  The soldiers that have died through the all of the years since that first flag was hand stitched, have given me that right and those stars and stripes symbolize their sacrifice.  To see her burned and shredded makes my heart hurt.

Whether you agree or not with the political climate of these United States, it is imperative that, as a people, we remember what that flag represents, because I believe if you can’t separate that from your need to exercise your “free speech”… you might need to find a new country.  End of rant.

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Written by Bo Demont