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Have you ever wondered if there's MORE to life?  Just "knowing" that there was something BIG out there waiting for you... something that you knew had to be done... but not quite sure where to start or for that matter, even what it is?

Well, that has certainly been the story of my life... 

I have watched a lot of people...many of them friends... seem to know exactly where they were headed their entire lives and I always felt that I was the outsider looking through the kaleidoscope of their life and wondering why I just never seemed to be fulfilled in the endeavors I had chosen. 

I've done a multitude of things and certainly have a varied resume, but what I have found through the journey, that is not "what" you do along the path of life that defines you... it is "who" you become as you travel the path... and when I reached that understanding... I began to see that when I reached  and accepted this belief... it was the very "BIG" thing in life I needed to do.

When I look at the completion of this book, I don't know if what I have done will be considered a "success", but what I do know is that the mere fact of taking it from an idea; to words on a page; to a completed and  published e-book was a success in and of itself.  And that is something I know helps me to more clearly define who I continue to become as a spiritual being having a human experience.

I hope with what I share with you here and through my ongoing BLOG will help you along your path, to do what is important to you... even if you don't know what that is yet.  I also hope that if you, are an aspiring writer, that some of the things I have learned on this journey may make your path easier.  I also hope that as I share what I know and what I continue to learn, that I too,  will continue to broaden my understanding of life... that the "BIG" thing in life is becoming the best you can become... at whatever you endeavor to do and to take a step out of the box we often build in the face of our own fears. 

Many blessings and fearless living,

Bo Demont

Bo Demont - Author